Lu Busse Charts New Course for 9.12 Group

I caught up with Lu Busse, chair of the 9.12 Project Colorado Coalition, at a recent event sponsored by Liberty On the Rocks.

Here are a few of her comments; see the video for the complete remarks!

“We’re working on what we call the Colorado Legislative Defense Team, “COLD,” because we want to throw cold water on certain pieces of legislation. And we’re also doing a Liberty Watch for what’s going on with the legislation at the state house. So we’re getting volunteers from across Colorado to help track the legislation that is going through, and then help get the word out to the grassroots to email, call, come testify at hearings.”

“We figure [legislators] ought to hear from the people.”

“The learning curve was steep, and we have a ways to go. I also think if you look at [the elections] overall in Colorado, what happened in some of the other races besides the top two, and some of the changes at local levels, that there were some big changes that will make a difference to those local communities. We were successful, it just didn’t get the notoriety or publicity of the main two races.”