Roads, Not Walls

I delivered the following speech December 4 at Liberty Toastmasters.

The theme is similar to that of a a recent article I coauthored, “Assault the Enemy, Not the Citizenry.” The basic idea for the talk comes from John David Lewis’s recent book, Nothing Less Than Victory, in which Lewis discusses the walls of Rome as a sign of the city’s weakness and internal decay.

We too have started putting up walls. With TSA, the U.S. government has turned to monitoring and oppressing the citizenry, rather than taking the fight to the enemy. Calls for trade restrictions and tighter immigration controls also mark a country that has to a large degree become frightened, inward-looking, and even paranoid, rather than confident, strong, and outward-looking.

It is time to return to the ideals of liberty and the open road, and start tearing down our walls.