Tancredo Celebrates 65th Birthday, Reflects on Governor’s Race

On December 20 Tom Tancredo celebrated his 65th birthday at a Liberty On the Rocks holiday celebration in Denver. He graciously agreed to an interview, in which he discussed entitlements, his run for governor, John Hickenlooper and the left’s plan for tax hikes, and the legal disparity between major and minor parties.

I disagree with Tancredo’s take on why he lost. He blames the wealthy leftists who have effectively spent their money to influence elections. I agree they have had a big influence, but that’s only because their money reminds voters that many Colorado Republicans — including Tancredo and Ken Buck — scare the hell out of most people with theirĀ out-of-touch social agenda.

In this photo, Jeff Sacco, a leader of Liberty On the Rocks, Red Rocks, catches up with author and sports commentator Reggie Rivers.


Tancredo poses with one of his supporters.