Talk on Individual Rights Versus Force

Starting with the example of slavery, I talk about the principle of individual rights, which holds that each individual properly lives his own life and keeps the fruits of his own labor, as contrasted with the principle of force.

I presented this talk on March 19 at Liberty Toastmasters (which does not necessarily endorse anything I have to say).

I slightly misquote Howard Roark; the original line is, “I came here to say that I do not recognize anyone’s right to one minute of my life.”

As an aside, I have an interesting story about this talk. I struggled to come up with a theme and outline I was happy with, and the morning of the talk I woke up early and thought about this some more. It seemed that I was trying to mash two different talks together, so the results were unsatisfactory. I went back to sleep and dreamed about writing down some notes, and when I woke up I altered my speech according to the notes I had dreamed about. I cut some material from the middle of the speech and added some new material, and I’m much happier with the talk as revised partly in my sleep. Of course one must rationally review the results, but the subconscious is fairly amazing.