Expanded ‘Values of Harry Potter’ Addresses Psychology, Government, and Media

Colorado political writer Ari Armstrong releases the Expanded Edition of his book, Values of Harry Potter: Lessons for Muggles, April 21.

The new edition adds eight new essays to the original 2008 book. Those essays include:

* “The Psychology of Harry Potter,” which compares author J. K. Rowling’s personal experiences with depression to the dementors of the novels.

* “Wizard Law and Segregation,” an essay that reviews the political themes of the novels and evaluates the forced separation of wizards and non-magical Muggles.

* “News Media in Harry Potter,” which reviews the attitudes of Rowling’s heroes and villains toward media and counters criticism of the novels.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to return to Rowling’s magical world and review its parallels to our own world, especially in the areas of psychology, government, and media,” Ari said about his work of literary criticism.

The release date marks the anniversary of Harry’s use of a luck potion to obtain a crucial memory about arch-villain Voldemort.

The book is already available in paperback and Kindle.

Review copies (paperback or pdf) may be requested from Ari at ari (atsignhere) freecolorado (dothere) com.

For more information about the book see ValuesOfHarryPotter.com.