Wow, I Actually Agree With Coulter on Libertarianism

Recently I mocked Ann Coulter for her silly thesis that mobs are demonic. Bad, yes. Demonic, crazy talk.

But I actually agree with her basic criticisms of libertarianism (via Matt Welch).

For example, Coulter argues, Ron Paul is wrong to think that government can simply get out of marriage. What about adoption, child custody, health decisions, and inheritance, she sensibly wonders. Back in 2007 I argued that marriage is a sort of contract, and the government properly recognizes it for all couples.

However (and inevitably), Coulter errs in writing:

Most libertarians are cowering frauds too afraid to upset anyone to take a stand on some of the most important cultural issues of our time. So they dodge the tough questions when it suits their purposes by pretending to be Randian purists, but are perfectly comfortable issuing politically expedient answers when it comes to the taxpayers’ obligations under Medicare and Social Security.

Coulter is correct about libertarians; often (but not in every case) they hedge on abortion, misconstrue the significance of the marriage contract, and decline to take a moral stand on things like prostitution and heavy recreational drug use.

But Rand rejected libertarianism, and certainly Rand took tough positions on social issues, as Coulter must know.

Likewise, I cannot be accused of failing to take such tough positions. I have declared I’m not a libertarian. I’ve advocated gay marriage and legal abortion. I’ve declared prostitution to be immoral while advocating its legality (among consenting adults). Offhand I cannot think of any cultural issue on which I’ve not taken a stand.

Yet apparently Coulter finds it more convenient to lump all her opponents together and attribute guilt by association. What explains her sloppy reasoning? Personally, I blame Satan.