Polis Promotes, Decries Tax Loopholes

Yes, I’m used to members of Congress talking nonsense; that’s practically their job description. But a comment that just came through from Jared Polis is so ludicrous it’s worth a mention:

In this session, I have sponsored bills to help create jobs by encouraging private investment in critical sectors through tax incentives. I also strongly support tax reform to eliminate special interest loopholes, which will help balance the budget while reducing tax rates for families who don’t have high-paid Washington lobbyists rigging the tax code in their favor.

The bit about “tax incentives” links to a release about waving certain taxes for private real-estate investments “in high foreclosure areas.”

So, in the same paragraph, and apparently written with a straight face, Polis simultaneously says he wants “special interest loopholes” for some, but he wants to eliminate “tax incentives” for others, depending on who has the most political sway for the moment. Only he switched the euphemisms around to fit his purposes.

Unfortunately, Polis’s remark typifies the state of the American political discourse.