Hoiles Finalist


Ari Armstrong Announced as Hoiles Finalist for Regional Journalism

Colorado free-market writer Ari Armstrong has been announced as a finalist in the 2011 Hoiles Prize for regional journalism. The award, offered by the International Policy Network (IPN), takes its name from R. C. Hoiles, former head of Freedom Newspapers.

“I’m honored to be included in this impressive group of finalists,” Armstrong said. “I’m also very pleased that IPN recognizes this important regional work. I’ve long believed that advocating liberty at the regional level forms the bedrock of a strong republic.”

Armstrong joins six other finalists, and the three winners will be announced November 2 in New York. The same evening, IPN will also announce the winners of the prestigious Bastiat Prize.

Armstrong coauthored four of the six essays submitted for the contest with his father Linn for Grand Junction Free Press.

An IPN release announces the following details:

“Richard Fisher, president and CEO of the Dallas Federal Reserve, will speak at the tenth annual dinner for the Bastiat Prize at the Four Seasons Restaurant… in New York on Wednesday, November 2, 2011. … This year a new prize, the R.C. Hoiles Prize for Journalism, will be given for American work. The prize celebrates courageous journalists who explain the importance of free markets and risks presented by excessive government intervention. …

“The seven nominated Hoiles finalists are: Ari Armstrong (Colorado Daily), Sara Burrows (Carolina Journal), Bill Frezza (RealClearMarkets.com), Steven Greenhut (The Orange County Register), Steve Malanga (Manhattan Institute, The Wall Street Journal), Bruce Ramsey (The Seattle Times) and Damon Root (Reason).”

The following six articles were considered for the prize:

‘New energy economy’ based on old fallacies
Colorado Daily, January 16, 2011
(Also published by Denver Daily and Summit Daily.)

How many criminals has Colorado use tax created?
Mountain Mail, May 25, 2011
(Also published by Denver Daily.)

Channel 11 piece peddles economic nonsense
Grand Junction Free Press, May 27, 2011

Colorado’s Campaign Laws Throw Common Sense Out the Window
Grand Junction Free Press, May 13, 2011

Walter Walker Opposed Grand Junction’s Socialists
Grand Junction Free Press, April 15, 2011

Time for a Free Market in the Alcohol Industry
Grand Junction Free Press, December 10, 2010