Pajamas Reply to Elizabeth Warren

Pajamas Media has published my latest article, “Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Social Contract’ an Ideological Fantasy.” (The editors picked the great title.)

The article replies to a popular video of Warren in which she argues the “social contract” justifies hefty taxes on the wealthy.

I decimate her arguments, if I do say so. First, I point out, “Productive business leaders create the wealth that enables us to thrive, seek employment, and on the side pay for governmental services.” Then I argue the proper function of government is to protect people’s rights. I conclude:

The notion that the likes of Nancy Pelosi can spend the money of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos better than Bezos can is laughable on its face.

Warren contends “there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own.” In a sense she’s right: people get rich by providing enormously valuable goods and services to others who willingly pay for them. Warren and other politicians should not be able to dictate what “hunk” of the earnings of others they forcibly seize. …[L]egitimate government does not loot “the rich” (or anyone else) but instead protects people’s rights, including their rights to their earnings.

Check out the entire piece!