Harry Potter, Distinguished Toastmaster?

I’ve just published a new article over at the web page for my book, Values of Harry Potter, titled, “Harry Potter’s Magical Communication.” Invoking examples from the Potter novels, I show how the stories offer several lessons for public speakers.

I write, “Tellingly, the final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort involves the two of them arguing, alone, in the midst of hundreds of their compatriots. Harry addresses Voldemort, but he speaks to inform the crowd of the truth of Voldemort’s evil and the virtues of Harry’s allies.” Read the whole piece!

This is relevant here: I’d like to congratulate Brad Beck and the other leaders of Liberty Toastmasters for creating a robust and amazingly valuable club. You can meet the future of Colorado’s liberty movement at these meetings.

Incidentally, I’m declaring this Friday “Sirius Black Friday,” in honor of Harry’s godfather. It’s the perfect day to buy my book!