My Year In Review

As 2011 draws to a close, I wanted to review my writing and political activism for the year. A friend suggested that I start to offer monthly summaries instead, so that’s what I’ll do starting next month. Thankfully, there’s much to review for the entire year!

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Hoiles Finalist and New York Trip

Perhaps the biggest news of the year was the September announcement naming me as a finalist in the Hoiles prize for regional journalism. See my media release,which links to the articles entered for the contest.

While in New York for the awards banquet, I also attended a talk at the Foundation for Economic Educationand interviewed several protesters with Occupy Wall Street. The photo shows me conducting an interview in Zuccotti Park; see the other photos (hosted by Picasa) of the New York trip.

Social Media Growth

My Facebook author page has 211 followers (please give it a “Like”); I use it to announce my new articles, videos, and media appearances.

My Twitter feed has 1,168 followers. I love Twitter and use it to aggregate news I find interesting (especially Colorado-related news), as well as to link to my own work. My Tweets are retweeted or mentioned nearly every day. If you’re not following me on Twitter you’re missing out on a large portion of my commentary.

I’ve loaded a total of 166 videos onto my YouTube channel, with 77 this year. My most popular video remains my shortest: “‘USA Union Rally” at 26 seconds garnered 10,770 views. All my videos for the year got 30,849 views.

I think the following video is my favorite of the year; it contrasts the anti-capitalist sentiments of Occupy Wall Street with a defense of capitalism by my wife and a friend.

Liberty In the Books and The Objective Standard

Thankfully, I get paid directly for some of my work. I have now added fifteen works to the Liberty In the Books web site, and (thanks in part to a marketing campaign) the group’s Facebook page has 408 followers. (Please give it a “Like!”) I also moderate the monthly Denver reading group. Last year I raised funds for this work in an amount that covers it through the first part of next year. Liberty In the Books is a project ofLiberty On the Rocks.

The Objective Standard also pays me for my articles. I am now a regular contributer to the blog there. Following is the list of my TOS articles so far this year:

Call It Exuberant Friday, Not “Black Friday”

Student Loan Scheme Just Another Rights-Violating Bailout

Yes, President Obama, We Can’t Wait…
(The Home Affordable Refinance Program)

The Justice of Income Inequality Under Capitalism
(Retweeted by Michelle Malkin!)

“Fair Tax” Offers Neither Fairness Nor Simplicity
(See also my first piece on the matter.)

How to Actually “Separate Government from the Corporations”

Fuel Controls Violate Rights and Stifle Markets

TOS has been a great forum for me to address more national issues.

Articles for Other Publications

I’ve written articles for various Colorado newspapers (some through the Independence Institute) as well as for Pajamas Media. (Neither the publications nor the Institute paid me for any of this work).

My dad Linn and I continue to write a twice-monthly column for Grand Junction Free Press. See the complete list of those articles. In an online September poll hosted by the paper, we were listed as the favorite columnists!

I’ve also placed several articles with other Colorado papers:

GazetteHarry Potter Teaches Freedom and Strength

Colorado DailyRitter’s “New Energy Economy” Based on Old Fallacies
(This article was also published by the Independence Institute, Denver Daily, and Summit Daily, and it was discussed by Jon Caldara.)

Denver DailyLaw Should Protect Wanted Fetuses While Allowing Abortions

GazettePublic’s ‘Right to Know’ Can Clash with Right to Free Speech

Mountain MailDenver DailyUse Tax Criminals

Denver PostLawsuit Against Gessler Over Campaign Finance (Letter)

Boulder WeeklyHarry Potter Explores Life’s Big Questions

Denver PostReaction to Lamborn’s “Tar Baby” Comment Is Typical GOP-Bashing

Pajamas MediaHealth Insurance and Personal Responsibility

Pajamas MediaElizabeth Warren’s ‘Social Contract’ an Ideological Fantasy
(Retweeted by Michelle Malkin and Melissa Tweets, and discussed at Bizzy Blog!)

Free Colorado Blog

I’ve posted 208 articles to this blog in 2011 prior to this one. Sometimes I use the blog to summarize my work elsewhere and link to it, but often I publish substantive and original content directly to the blog. Following are a few of those posts:

Anti-Abortion ‘Personhood’ Tries for Round Three

Yes, A National Sales Tax is Constitutional

Occupy Denver and Free Speech

Free Market Arguments Against Vouchers

Occupy Wall Street: Bob Glass Reports

Why Voting Integrity Requires Proof Positive

Rand, Aristotle, and the ‘Flayed Ox’ (art)

The Pope and Harry Potter

On Making the News

Does TABOR Violate the U.S. Constitution?

Eina Kleina Social Security Analysis

Why I’m Not a Libertarian

‘Personhood’ and the Fetal Protection Bill

Business Investment: Willkie’s Lessons for Obama and Moore

Confessions of a Former Koch Fellow

Media Interviews and Mentions

I’ve appeared on radio and television a few times and been mentioned by other media outlets: “Ari and Linn Armstrong have a great piece in the Grand Junction Free Press on why it is finally time for a free beer market in Colorado.”

Sam Adams Alliance: I was Interviewed about activism. My articles about a fetal protection bill were quoted extensively a first and second time.

Denver Diatribe: A post included me as among the writers’ “favorite local tweets.”

Sam Adams Alliance: I was mentioned in a May 10 blog post (since removed) about free speech and Colorado’s campaign laws.

Devil’s Advocate: I appeared on Jon Caldara’s television program to discuss free speech and Colorado’s campaign laws. Jason Salzman quoted me about Grassroots Radio.

710 KNUS: I spoke on the radio with Jimmy Sengenberger.

Grand Junction Business Times: The paper included a lengthy review of aFree Press article by my dad and me about international trade.

Westword: I was quoted by Patricia Calhoun regarding the “tar baby” flap.

630 KHOW: I appeared on Peter Boyles’s show to discuss the “tar baby” controversy.

Gazette: An editorial quoted me regarding the “tar baby” story.

Denver Post: Several letters replied to my “tar baby” op-ed. (On my blog Ireplied right back.)

Pajamas Media: The publication mentioned me regarding the food stamp challenge.

Craig Green: In a blog post Craig kindly wrote, “Ari has an elegant way of saying a lot in a few words, each one carefully chosen to have the maximum impact.”

Cari and Rob Show: I appeared on this radio show to discuss income inequality and Occupy Wall Street.

Grassroots Radio: I appeared on the October 11 show to discuss Occupy Wall Street. I was mentioned regarding a “personhood” media conference. (The same article was linked by Westword.)

So it has been a very busy and productive year!

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