A Modest Proposal for Theater Security (That Would Actually Work)

Issaquah WA Police Car - (Public Domain)There is a very easy way that movie theaters—and other public venues, for that matter—could radically increase their security for extremely little cost.

They could place a large, obvious sign right outside the entrance with the following text:

Armed, off-duty police officers who carry their guns into this theater get unlimited complimentary movie entry and concessions. Please see management for details.

The marginal cost of filling an extra seat in a movie theater is zero. The marginal cost of giving the armed officer free popcorn is what—a quarter?

Theaters could make the same offer to those holding concealed carry licenses who have undergone adequate training, but that would be tricker to verify and more controversial.

Who could possibly argue with giving cops free movie tickets and concessions?

Not only could armed officers quickly respond to any threat that arose, their presence—and the huge sign announcing it—would create a serious deterrent to would-be violent scumbags.

I think it’s about time criminals understand that if they start attacking innocent people, some of those people are going to start shooting back.

Creative Commons Image: KDavidClark