TOS Fall Articles

I wrote two book reviews and conducted two interviews for the Fall 2012 edition of The Objective Standard.

Yaron Brook and Don Watkins wrote the just-published Free Market Revolution. I conclude:

Free Market Revolution could not have come at a better time. Given America’s continued economic troubles and ballooning debt, President Obama’s continuous calls for “spreading the wealth around” and controlling businesses, and Paul Ryan’s injection of Ayn Rand’s ideas into popular discourse (however much Ryan strays from those ideas), Americans are both desperately in need of a principled defense of capitalism and, in many cases, eager to hear it.

Free Market Revolution is well worth buying and reading—and more, it is worth promoting among Tea Party activists, business leaders, students, and anyone concerned with freedom and open to reason.

John Allison, former CEO of BB&T, wrote The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure. Allison, I review, offers a detailed account of how failed government regulations led to and worsened the mortgage meltdown.

In my first interview, Curt Levey discusses the future of the Supreme Court in the context of the presidential race.

In the other interview, Robert Zubrin discusses his book on the “antihumanist” movement of Malthus and the modern environmentalists.

Both interviews are available only by subscription or direct purchase, but I found both to be very enlightening.

Image of Robert Zubrin: Wikimedia Commons