TOS Blog Update: Gosnell, IRS, Property Rights, Apple, 3D Printing, Sobiech

Here I link to my recent blog entries for The Objective Standard. See my TOS category for a complete listing of my work for TOS.

May 14, 2013
Gosnell Justly Convicted for Grisly Murders

May 15, 2013
IRS Violates Americans’ Rights Every Day

May 20, 2013
Committee for Justice Fights for Free Speech via Property Rights

May 21, 2013
Apple’s Tax Avoidance Justifies Moral Outrage—Toward those Harassing and Smearing Apple

May 26, 2013
Innovative Doctors Save Infant’s Life with 3D Printing

May 28, 2013
Zach Sobiech, Victim of Cancer, Lover of Life

May 29, 2013
Designers Use 3D Printing for Beautiful Prosthetics and Space Food