My Fall TOS Contributions: Umbehr on Concierge Medicine; Reviews of Star Trek, Oz, and Killing Floor

The Objective Standard published an interview I conducted along with several of my book and film reviews in the Fall 2013 issue:

Dr. Josh Umbehr on the Concierge Medicine Revolution

Umbehr says of his type of medical practice:

Patients want this. They want better care for less money. They want better value. They want more time with their doctors. They want quality and convenience and accessibility and all the things that we’re not offering to them right now. They want their doctors to answer the phone. They want their doctors to supply their medicine. They want their doctors to sit down and spend half an hour or an hour with them and not worry about what insurance is going to pay for or not pay for.

And here are my reviews (all largely behind paywalls):

Star Trek: The Original Films

Oz the Great and Powerful

Killing Floor, by Lee Child