TOS Blog Update: Navy Yard Massacre, Living Wage, Spock’s Ethics, and More

Here I link to my blog entries for The Objective Standard for September 8 to 19 (in reverse order). See my TOS category for a complete listing of my work for TOS.

In Response to Navy Yard Massacre, Government Should Focus Exclusively on Protecting Rights

Minimum Wage Laws: Immoral, Crippling, and Nevertheless Supported by Many

New Yorkers Deemed Criminals for (Gasp!) Serving Dinner for a Fee

Rolling Stone Smears Defenders of Fossil Fuels

Helium-Lifted Craft and Other Advances Promise Better Living and Spiritual Fuel

Jonathan Hoenig and Wayne Rogers: Regarding Syria, Americans Should Be Selfish

Spock’s Illogic: “The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few”

War on Syria is Not the Means to Credibility and Security; War on Iran Is

Obama Administration’s Foreign Policy: Intentionally Ineffective

Government Extorts Money from Ebook Publishers; You Can Refuse to Participate