Colorado Senator King Faces Felony Charges over Time Cards

Until recently, Colorado state senator Steve King was running for Mesa County sheriff as his legislative term winds down. But, amid accusations that he falsified time cards while contracting with the sheriff’s office, he dropped out of the race; a vacancy committee found a replacement. Now, as Nancy Lofholm reports for the Denver Post, King has been charged with “three felonies and two misdemeanors for allegedly falsifying time cards, theft and failing to report income as required of state legislators.” As a Denver Post editorial pointed out, King seems not only to have billed over sixty hours per week at one point, but he seems to have asked for mileage and reimbursement on days off. Maybe there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for the apparent discrepancies, or maybe King played fast and loose with his paperwork. At any rate, at least Mesa County will hire a new sheriff who is not to my knowledge operating under a legal cloud.