Fed Action, School Indoctrination, Hamas, and More Headlines for 8/21/14

Image: Wikimedia Commons
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Some of today’s stories:

The Fed: Some members of the Federal Reserve board want to raise interest rates, Don Lee reports for the Los Angeles Times. This is another reminder of how much control a handful of bureaucrats have of America’s economy.

Indoctrination: “Officials at Brantley Elementary School in Selma, Ala. placed a sixth-grade teacher on paid administrative leave on Wednesday after he directed his students to reenact the police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown,” as Eric Owens reviews for the Daily Caller. Obviously, the teacher did not actually know the relevant facts of the shooting, because those facts have not been established.

Hamas: “Israel kills three top Hamas commanders” in a bombing attack in Gaza, the BBC reports. Good for Israel.

Islamic State: “Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that his Justice Department is opening a criminal investigation into the brutal execution by Islamic State militants of American journalist James Foley,” Fox News reports. A criminal investigation? This may properly be a jobĀ forĀ soldiers, but it’s not one for prosecutors.

Pronunciation: Why are “Kansas” and “Arkansas” pronounced so differently? As Arikia Okrent explains for the Week, it has to do with the Native American tribes after which the states were named.

Taxes: Cigarette taxes are giving organized crime a new revenue stream, Mike Flynn reports for Breitbart.com.