PM News Roundup for 8/29/14

Here are even more important news stories and opinion articles published today or within the past few days:

Krugman: Recently Paul Krugman claimed that the risks of drugs and the phosphorus contamination of Lake Erie show that markets must be regulated. In my latest post for the Objective Standard I explain why he’s wrong.

Islamic State: A hard drive recovered from Islamic State militants in Syria reveals plans to develop biological weapons for the purpose of causing “huge” numbers of casualties, Harald Doornbos and Jenan Moussa report for Foreign Policy.

Ukraine: “U.S. should send military equipment to help Ukraine,” opines the Denver Post. Although Russia’s invasion of Ukraine obviously is disturbing, the U.S. arming Ukraine seems like a dangerous game to me, and not one obviously tied to U.S. interests. (However, I don’t have a well-developed opinion on the matter.)

EPA: Documents seem to indicate that the Environmental Protection Agency is seeking expanded control over Colorado’s water, Joshua Sharf reports for WatchdogWire.

Grocery Bags: California may “ban single-use plastic grocery bags,” the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Monkey Business: U.S. copyright officials have deemed a monkey “selfie” belongs not to the photographer whose camera the monkey used, but to the “public,” as David Kravets reports for ARS Technica. For why I think that decision is wrong, see my previous post on the matter. Hat tip to Paul Hsieh.

Gun Restrictions: New York now has the most people of any state with a membership in the National Rifle Association, Genevieve Wood reports for Heritage’s Daily Signal. The law largely responsible for driving NRA membership there, the so-called “SAFE Act,” involves (among other things) magazine restrictions and a gun registry; see Wikipedia for details.