Islamic State: News Roundup for 9/11/14

Here are some of the important stories and opinions of recent days.

9/11: Take moment of silence for the victims of the jihadist-perpetrated murders committed on 9/11.

State Sponsors of Jihad: In his article for the Objective Standard, Craig Biddle makes the case that the primary sponsors of jihadist terror are Iran and Saudi Arabia. One thing he points out is that Iran’s constitution dictates a course of global jihad. That is, the nation is founded on a doctrine of religious totalitarianism.

Obama’s Delusions: The White House released Obama’s fifteen-minute speech on Islamic State from yesterday. As I point out in my response for the Objective Standard, Obama’s “strategy” rests on pretending that Islamic jihadists are not motivated by their religion.

Austrian Jihadists: The Independent Journal Review has a story about two girls from Austria who joined up with Islamic State. Hopefully they’ll get what they deserve.

Kurdish Anti-Jihadists: Meanwhile, “Thousands of Kurdish women are volunteering to battle against ISIS, others in Syria,” the Week reports.

In other news:

Neal Stephenson: Nature has an interview with Stephenson about his fiction, science, and the path to a technologically innovative future.