News Roundup for 9/1/14

Here are some of the important stories from the past few days:

Islamic State: “Hundreds of Yazidi women abducted by ISIS have either been sold or handed out to members of the Sunni extremist group,” CNN reports. The article describes other atrocities by these Islamic savages, as well.

Immigrant Crime: In an article for Forbes, Robert Scruton picked up the story of men in Rotherham—apparently mostly or entirely immigrants from Pakistan—allegedly have badly abused some 1,400 girls.

Hong Kong: The people of Hong Kong want more political autonomy than China is willing to grant, according to a report from Reuters.

China: Here’s more evidence that China is moving more toward a harder Communist line. “China universities vow ideology clampdown on staff, students,” reports AFP.

Bionic Eye: Okay, it might not be up to Lee Majors’s standards, but it’s still awesome. A new device promises to bring sight to certain people who have lost vision, the Atlantic reports. The producer of the device, the Argus II, offers more information.

Denver Post: Apparently some leftie groups are (ridiculously) accusing Chuck Plunkett of the Denver Post of bias because, in 2010, he delivered some remarks to Liberty on the Rocks. (I recorded his talk with permission and posted it to YouTube.) Read Plunkett’s explanation, and see the video.