You Might Be Outraged at Ted Cruz If . . .

Ted Cruz

Sore loser. Snake. Self-absorbed. Traitor. These are just a few of the stones cast at Ted Cruz following his Republican National Convention speech of July 20.

After congratulating Donald Trump for winning the nomination, Cruz nevertheless noticeably did not endorse Trump or ask people to vote for him. Instead, nearly twenty minutes into his speech, Cruz told those assembled to “vote your conscience”—eliciting noticeable boos.

What reasons might Trump’s supporters have to turn on Cruz? Here are a few. You might be outraged at Ted Cruz if . . .

· You think that Cruz’s exhortations to “vote your conscience” to elect leaders who recognize that “freedom matters,” who “stand for principle,” and who are “faithful to the Constitution” cannot possibly refer to Trump.

· You, personally, would endorse a candidate who publicly mocked your spouse.

· You, personally, would endorse a candidate who accused your father of conspiring to assassinate a U.S. president.

· It is unthinkable to you that Trump might have publicly apologized to Cruz for mocking his wife and slandering his father, prior to Cruz’s speech, in a bid to win Cruz’s endorsement.

· You blame Cruz for delivering a speech that Trump’s team pre-approved and for which it whipped up a booing crowd, thereby guaranteeing major media attention.

· You think Cruz was wrong to rethink his pledge to support the nominee but Trump was right to rethink his.

· You think a candidate with less than half of the primary vote, who is unqualified for the presidency, who has slandered and demeaned countless people, who has expressed support or sympathy for various tyrants, and who is ideologically anti-capitalist deserves the automatic endorsement of every Republican.

Yes, I can see why Trump’s supporters are outraged at Ted Cruz. Every person with any decency can see it all too clearly.

We can also see what Cruz said during his speech:

And what Cruz said in response to a critic of his speech:

Still, you might be outraged at Ted Cruz.

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Cruz Outlined Basic Principles

Well said and I agree 100 percent. Cruz didn’t say anything irrational or make the speech about him, his statement laid out very basic conservative principles that a candidate should meet and requested people vote their conscience based on those principles.

Why is that such a scandal to Trump supporters? Do they not think Trump can meet the standards of a Republican candidate? If so, that is the problem of those supporters, not Cruz.

As you say I wouldn’t endorse someone that verbally attacked my wife and slandered me and my family in the most horrible ways.

His showing up was more than I would have given Trump, especially since all promises to endorse or support were off the table as soon as Trump rescinded his promise to the other candidates back in March.

—Steve Shook

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