Reply to the Denver Post on Open Presidential Primaries

To expand “choice,” the Denver Post supports Proposition 107 on the Colorado ballot to create a presidential primary in which unaffiliated voters help pick the major parties’ nominees.

But open primaries let nominally independent voters try to sabotage the party they hope will lose. Countless Democratic supporters voted for Donald Trump in other states’ primaries because they judged him a weak candidate.

What about the choice of people who would be forced to help finance the primaries? What about the choice of members of private organizations—as the major parties remain—to assemble freely and run their groups as they see fit? If parties wish to organize and finance a primary, great—but government should not get involved.

The proper purpose of government is to protect rights, not expand choice outside that context. Similarly, just because Protestants would have more choice if they helped pick the Pope, doesn’t mean they should. Let private groups run their own affairs.

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