Jason Stotts on Erotic Love

Jason Stotts, psychotherapist and author of Eros & Ethos: A New Theory of Sexual Ethics (paid link), discusses sexuality as an expression of our ethical lives, analyzes the false choice of repression versus hedonism, and addresses gender identity and other aspects of our sexuality. This is the Self in Society Podcast #22. See also Stotts’s web page. The episode is also available via iTunes.

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Time Markers
00 Intro
0:39 Faulty views on sex: resistance, abstinence, and indulgence
3:16 Sexuality as an expression of our ethical lives
5:49 More on Christianity and sex
9:22 Biology, sex, and reproduction
13:53 “To say ‘I love you’ one must first know how to say the ‘I’.”
17:15 Emotions as arising for judgments
22:14 Biology and emotions
27:06 Stoics and sex
28:38 Plato and sex
30:01 The problem with “soul mates”
36:05 Kant and sex
39:29 Repression and hedonism as a false choice
44:33 Were Romeo and Juliet in love?
46:47 Medieval longing
47:26 Gender orientation
57:04 Love in the pandemic
1:00:56 To fix or to end a troubled relationship
1:07:17 Children and divorce
1:11:09 Sex education
1:17:03 Pornography
1:18:49 Are kids coddled?
1:21:24 Making time for writing a book
1:24:04 A sexual ethics revolution
1:25:11 Wrap-up

See the Self in Society Podcast page.