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You now have three easy ways to support Ari’s work. Plus, if you contribute $1 or more per month, you’ll receive (if you wish) Ari’s exclusive weekly Reason & Rights Letter, filled with short articles, reflections on books and films, behind-the-scenes notes on my work, and more. See conditions below.

1. PayPal

Via PayPal you can make one-time or recurring donations.

2. Patreon

Patreon is platform connecting content creators with funders, who decide how much to contribute per month. There are two main downsides: Patreon takes a 5% cut (on top of processing fees), and Patreon has closed the accounts of some users for “reasons” that strike me as arbitrary. Find my Patreon page here.

3. Check

For those who want to go “old school,” just drop a check in the mail to Ari Armstrong, 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy. #K2-111, Westminster, CO 80021.

Terms and Conditions

Funds sent to me to support my work are donations, and the Reason & Rights Letter (“letter”) is a perk or reward. I make no guarantees as to its delivery, and I will issue no refunds for failure or refusal to deliver. I deliver the letter via my MailChimp list, so, to receive the letter, people need to be on that list. I am not responsible for failure of delivery or of receipt. Although I intend to publish the letter nearly every week indefinitely, vacations, health problems, scheduling, or some emergency may disrupt the schedule. People who make recurring donations have the responsibility to stop their donations when they see fit. I will sign up people to the letter only in durations of at least a year, so one-time donations need to be at least $12 to qualify. Because the letter is copyrighted and is a perk or reward, recipients may not share it with any other party, without my explicit, written permission. I reserve the right to stop sending the letter to any individual who violates any of my policies or who is a jerk, as determined solely by me. My “Terms of Use” also apply. Thank you. —Ari Armstrong