Notes on Colorado Freedom Report Archives

I founded the Colorado Freedom Report, originally at before moving to, in 1998. Following standard magazine practices, I postdated my initial articles, initially posted in November or December of 1998, for January 1999.

Up through 2007, I hand-coded my pages using simple templates developed with the help of an early edition of HTML for Dummies. From 2008 through 2010, I continued to post to the Colorado Freedom Report (alternately called Free Colorado) via Google’s Blogger interface, plus I left up the old html files as archives. Later I ported that Blogger content to

In June, 2018, I relaunched the Colorado Freedom Report at as a WordPress site. At that time I just deleted all the old html content. But I saved the files, of course, with the intention of eventually converting them into WordPress files. I decided to put the archival material at

Note that, originally, I dated articles by month (and sometimes posted them prior to the dated month), so dates of the ported articles correspond only approximately to original publication dates.

I do not always agree with my older views. In particular, when I first launched the Colorado Freedom Report, I considered myself a libertarian, and I soon became active in the Libertarian Party of Colorado. I do not count myself a libertarian any longer (even though I share many political views with many libertarians).