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Welcome to the Self in Society Podcast, hosted by Ari Armstrong, where we explore what it means to flourish as an individual and a community. Find episodes in reverse order below, see the Self in Society tag for the roundup of show pages, or check out the show via iTunes.

Robin Hanson on Variolation as a Response to COVID-19: Self in Society #15

Economist and iconoclast Robin Hanson suggests that variolation—controlled, intentional infection of the virus that causes COVID-19—could be an important “Plan B” if the test-trace-isolate strategy fails and especially if eventual herd immunity seems likely. Note that this involves a controlled test first, doctor supervision, and careful screening.

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Kevin Currie-Knight on Crisis Schooling Versus Homeschooling: Self in Society #14

Kevin Currie-Knight, professor of education at East Carolina University and president of the board of New Pathfinder Community School, warns against equating the home “crisis schooling” curing the COVID-19 epidemic with homeschooling as families practice it in normal times. He offers some qualified suggestions for families in which students who usually attend a traditional school now must learn at home.

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Bryan Alvarez on the COVID-19 Crisis: Self in Society #13

Dr. Bryan Alvarez, now in private practice after serving as the Public Health Director of the United States Northern Command from 2016–2019, discusses the problems and promise of testing our way out of the coronavirus crisis. He also talks about the process of bringing antiviral drugs and vaccines online, as well as the broader problem of emergency preparedness.

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Steven Horwitz on Hayek and the Family: Self in Society #12

Economist Steven Horwitz, author of Hayek’s Modern Family: Classical Liberalism and the Evolution of Social Institutions, offers a vision of the family as a dynamic and evolving social institution that plays a crucial role in people’s lives.

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Pamela Clare on Romance Fiction: Self in Society #11

Pamela Clare is a gun-toting Rush fan—and Boulder Progressive Democrat—who writes romantic fiction. She discussws her writing, the genre, problems within Romance Writers of America, the business side of fiction, her experiences as a journalist, the allure of Colorado’s wilderness, her views on firearms, and the music that inspires her.

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Melvin Konner on Religious Belief: Self in Society #10

Anthropologist Melvin Konner explains the persistence of religious belief in the face of atheistic criticisms. He challenges the New Atheists’ insistence that humanity can and should do away with religion.

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Kevin Currie-Knight on Self-Directed Education: Self in Society #9

Kevin Currie-Knight—professor of education at East Carolina University, author of Education in the Marketplace, and president of the board of New Pathfinder Community School—discusses self-directed education and answers various objections to it.

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Jason Crawford on the Roots of Progress: Self in Society #8

Jason Crawford, entrepreneur and author of the Roots of Progress blog, discusses what progress is, where it comes from, and how it vastly betters our lives.

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John Coffey on Religious Toleration: Self in Society #7

Historian John Coffey discusses his book, Persecution and Toleration in Protestant England 1558–1689, and its lessons for today.

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Lawrence Goldstone on the Death and Legacy of Michael Servetus: Self in Society #6

Lawrence Goldstone discusses Michael Servetus—theologian, editor, physician, and heretic—who was burned at the stake for his views in 1553.

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Timothy Sandefur on the Ascent of Jacob Bronowski: Self in Society #5

Timothy Sandefur discusses the remarkable life and thought of science educator Jacob Bronowski, creator of the landmark documentary series The Ascent of Man.

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James Valliant on Rome and Christianity: Self in Society #4

James Valliant discusses his book, Creating Christ, in which he and his coauthor Warren Fahy argue that the Roman emperors Nero, Vespasian, and Titus played an active role in the development of early Christianity.

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Michael Huemer on Animal Welfare: Self in Society #3

Philosopher Michael Huemer discusses his book, Dialogues on Ethical Vegetarianism, focusing on the problem of the severe suffering of most animals currently raised for their flesh, skin, milk, or eggs.

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Robert Anthony Peters on Tank Man, Hollywood, Liberty, and Stoicism: Self in Society #2

Writer and Director Robert Anthony Peters discusses his short film, Tank Man, in the context of Chinese politics.

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Robert Zubrin on the Case for Space: Self in Society #1

June 4, 2019: Robert Zubrin, head of the Mars Society and of Pioneer Astronautics, discusses his new book, The Case for Space.

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