Timothy Sandefur on Frederick Douglass

Timothy Sandefur, author of Frederick Douglass: Self-Made Man, discusses Douglass’s life, political philosophy, and influence in his day and up to the present. This is the Self in Society Podcast #19. This episode also is available via iTunes.

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Odoi on African Sex Trafficking of Children

Image: Wikimedia Commons
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Fox Odoi, a member of Uganda’s parliament, writes for the Daily Caller: “[T]here is a serious child sex tourist problem affecting Africa, and that many of the abusers come from the West. The Asian child sex trade has been well documented, but the African trade has grown to the point where government and NGO estimates suggest there are as many as 18,000 child sex workers in Uganda alone.”

Even worse, writes Odoi, rather than seek to address the problem, some African politicians and activists have instead scapegoated and persecuted homosexuals.

How African governments might put an end to the heinous crime of child sex trafficking is an open question—but hopefully one they will answer soon.