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Welcome to Ari Armstrong's Web Log about politics and culture. I advocate reason (as opposed to faith and irrationalism), reality (as opposed to supernaturalism and nihilism), and rights (as opposed to authoritarianism and lawlessness). I'm for liberalism broadly conceived and against tribalism, theocracy, socialism, fascism, racism, and Trumpism. I aim to tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.

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Ari's Books (Amazon links)
Getting Over Jesus: Finding Meaning and Morals without God | Details
What's Wrong with Ayn Rand's Objectivist Ethics
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Ari Armstrong publishes, writes a column for Complete Colorado, and is the author of books on atheism, Ayn Rand, liberalism, and Harry Potter. Ari also has written for the Colorado Times Recorder, Colorado Sun, Objective Standard, Boulder Weekly, Grand Junction Free Press, and other publications. Ari has appeared on CNN, Denver's 9News, City Cast Denver, Devil's Advocate, and other television and radio shows. Ari won the 2009 Modern Day Sam Adams award, he was a finalist in the 2011 Hoiles Prize for regional journalism, and he received the Independence Institute's 2015 Vern Bickel Award for Grassroots Leadership. Ari has been writing online about politics and culture since 1998, before the term "blog" was coined. See also Ari's media appearances.

Web Site Formatting
I use (almost) the simplest possible html coding for this web site. Why? I wanted a sleek, fast-loading, no-nonsense site. I was tired of sprawling code, mindless imagery, needless complication, large file sizes, obsessive search engine optimization, cookies, tracking, clunky block editing, and all the other nonsense that today often comes standard. If you're looking for glitter over substance, just click on by. There's no funny business with my hyperlinks, so you can make them open in a new page or tab if you want. I'd prefer to let the user set the font and column width via browser settings; however, not all browsers allow for that, so I assigned Ariel font and a maximum width of 800 pixels.

Brief History of Ari's Blogging
I started the online Colorado Freedom Report near the end of 1998 using the domain Eventually I started using instead. For a time I published directly on Blogger. I've also published under Freedom Outlook, Liberty 'Gator, IndySchooler, and Contours of Liberty. I ran Colorado Pickaxe on Substack from March 24, 2022, to December 15, 2023; and Self in Society there from March 26, 2022, to the same end date. I started the current iteration of on December 17, 2023, and eventually will integrate all my previous content here.

Select Praise for Ari's Work

Krista Kafer, 2003: "Ari Armstrong is just this super-smart, likable libertarian. His writing is very good, very cogent. A good writer."

Craig Silverman, December 6, 2022: "Have you noticed the courage and independence of Ari Armstrong? Me too! I fear he's put his career at risk by declaring truth about MAGA, but he is too good a writer, and free thinker, to be silenced." November 22, 2022: "Outstanding column by Ari Armstrong ['Religion and Anti-LGBTQ Bigotry'] is must reading."

Jon Caldara, December 6, 2022: "Ari is right again" about approval voting. (Note: Caldara is the president of the Independence Institute, which published the piece.)

Sandra Fish, May 15, 2020: "Good analysis of the [Covid 19 Colorado] situation from Ari Armstrong."

Mark Hillman, May 2, 2020: "Laws against so-called 'price gouging' are the problem, not the solution. Excellent explanation of basic economics by Ari Armstrong. Should be required reading for all elected officials!"

Timothy Sandefur, March 15, 2020: "A characteristically fine piece by my friend Ari Armstrong" about gratitude.

Phil Weiser, February 26, 2019: "Thoughtful analysis and engagement" on red-flag laws (which the Colorado legislature subsequently passed).

Wayne Laugesen, 2019: "Ari nails one again," referring to a piece on Ascent Classical charter school.

Paul Jacob, August 30, 2018: "Great article by Ari Armstrong about police illegally blocking a journalist from recording on a public street."

Jon Caldara, August 29, 2018: "Ari Armstrong is a force of nature. Always well researched. Always clear thinking."

Chase Woodruff, June 20, 2018: "Some blog nobody reads," referring to the Colorado Freedom Report.

Dave Kopel, 2007: "Sort of the founding father of pro-freedom Colorado webbing."

Ed Quillen, September 22, 2005: "Ari Armstrong, . . . who produces the Colorado Freedom Report, has done some useful research into state spending."

State Senator Ken Gordon, 2003: "I appreciate the respectful and reasoned tone of your discussion."

Dave Kopel, 2002 (Rocky Mountain News): "Ari Armstrong . . . works very hard to add original research to his opinion pieces.