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Getting Over Jesus—Landing Page
Reviews, summaries, and articles related to my 2023 book, Getting Over Jesus: Finding Meaning and Morals without God.

Series on abortion:
On the Right to Get an Abortion
Abortion and Individuation
Ayn Rand's Evolving Views on Late-Term Abortion


Self in Society Roundup 51
Progress, Biden, Diamond Age, Boaz, book bans, nuclear threats, the alt-right, AI, Covid deaths, and more.
July 7, 2024

Colorado News Miner 117
Alan Berg's murder, Colorado's KKK church, theocrats, Libertarians, Democrats and Israel, Threads, legal actions on rents and tickets, stinky factories, and more.
July 7, 2024
tag-colorado, tag-hate-groups, tag-racism

Why Joe Biden Should Drop Out
Because many voters doubt Biden's cognitive capacity to serve as president, Biden risks throwing the race to Trump if he stays in the race.
July 7, 2024
tag-trump, tag-election24

Trump: Morally Unfit
Donald Trump undermines the peaceful transfer of power, demonizes immigrants, praises authoritarians, mistreats women, and lies continuously. He is morally unfit to serve as president.
July 6, 2024
tag-trump, tag-election24

Hate Groups in Colorado
July 1, 2024

Colorado News Miner 116
Anti-LGBTQ GOP, Republican candidates, approval voting and the Boebert race, Colorado fossil update, Alan Berg, Caldara's heart, the Dillon amphitheater, trans cakes, and more.
June 25, 2024
tag-colorado, tag-hate-groups, tag-lgbtq

Colorado News Miner 115
Republican anti-LGBTQ bigotry, school restrooms, distracted driving, election reform, new gun laws, socialists and guns, faux libertarians, energy bills, and more.
June 14, 2024

Ari's Art Review 2
Dune 2, the Life of Brian, magical negroes, boys and supervillains, Astrid, a lost king, more case histories, blue whales, and cities of the future.
June 11, 2024

Ari's Art Review 1
American Fiction, Honeyland, Move Like This, Wonka, Restart, Girl Walks Home, Case Histories, Snow Crash, and Star Wars.
May 18, 2024

Colorado News Miner 114
Airports and lead, legislative updates, Democratic infighting, light-touch density, furries (yes, again), defensive gun uses, and more.
May 18, 2024

Colorado News Miner 113
Glass and McClain deaths, CORA, AI suit, AI regs, paper raid, abuse reporting, Congressional races, and more.
May 1, 2024

Henry and the Spelling Monster: A Phonics Story
April 28, 2024

Colorado News Miner 112
Taxing Tracks, school abuse, GOP meltdown, capitol guns, rental contracts, airport regs, train make-work, charter schools, HOAs, and more.
April 24, 2024

Colorado News Miner 111
Secular vs. religious homeschooling, legislative updates, crime, TABOR, lunacy, misgendering, abortion, public safety, ski jumps, and more.
April 17, 2024

Colorado News Miner 110
GOP boots reporter, eclipse, wind, charter schools, property sales, anti-trans Dems, revolving Klan, 303 case, accountability journalism, and more.
April 9, 2024

Self in Society Roundup 50
Homeschool and abuse, social media for kids, Russian butchers, Jesus and Buddha, indigenous pseudoscience, immigration, drug policy, Nazis against trans, three bodies, and more.
April 9, 20242024

Colorado News Miner 109
Gun insurance, GOP, demons, prayer, a media fib, school violence, cops acting badly, river water, trans-related measures, liquor restrictions, and more.
April 5, 2024

Colorado News Miner 108
Bad bills, organ compensation, airport suit, competition, anti-vaccine politics, Bottoms fantasies, China Dave, and more.
March 26, 2024

A Thought Experiment on Gender-Affirming Care
What if such medical treatments either were impossible or perfect?
March 26, 2024

Self in Society Roundup 49
Branden on gender, theocrats, faux heterodoxy, surviving Trump, capitalism, libertarianism, DEI, therapy, the movie Pig, and more.
March 20, 2024

Colorado News Miner 107
Transgender issues, gun bills, transparency, child welfare, homeschooling law, scooters, gender pay gap, butterflies, and more.
March 19, 2024
tag-colorado, tag-transgender

Colorado News Miner 106
Trump ballot suit, scapegoating Griswold, Clark on democracy, abortion in Colorado, gun policy, charter schools, Narrowgate cult, Rocky Flats, DNA fiasco, rare earth metals, paleontology, and more.
March 12, 2024
tag-colorado, tag-trump

Self in Society Roundup 48
Trump's strength, DEI, global freedom, dynamic pricing, prudish Objectivists, IVF in Alabama, sports and gender, pomo, Poet GPT.
March 9, 2024
tag-roundup, tag-trump, tag-racism

Colorado News Miner 105
Trump ballot case, Republicans, preschool, crime, police abuses, Christian nationalism, price controls, legislative updates, and more.
March 5, 2024
tag-colorado, tag-trump

The Point of Sex
March 2, 2024

DeGraaf Becomes the Third Colorado Elected Official to Publicly Renounce Evolutionary Biology
February 6, 2024
tag-colorado, tag-science

Colorado News Miner 104
Regulatory bills, Fonda's sycophants, Suncor, transgender prisoners, bad cops, and more.
February 6, 2024

Colorado News Miner 103
Bills on housing, guns, suicide, and social media; Christian nationalism; censoring lies; Republican corruption; and more.
February 2, 2024
tag-colorado, tag-free-speech

Colorado's Descent into Eugenics
January 29, 2024
tag-racism, tag-colorado

Self in Society Roundup 47
Trumpism, Biden, United States of Rome, cruel and unusual punishment, Cowen in Kenya, Nones, and more.
January 26, 2024

Self in Society Roundup 46
Abortion politics, feminism, Milei, Mars, liberal legos, Robots, The Burial, and more.
January 23, 2024
tag-roundup, tag-art

Colorado News Miner 102
Journalistic responsibilities, Republicans on abortion and DUIs, allegations in Ouray, small-business regs, marijuana rescheduling, murder by fire, and more.
January 23, 2024

Self in Society Roundup 45
Catholic dogma, illiberalism, wokeness, copyright, academic fraud, mental illness, Amber Brown, and more.
January 16, 2024

Self in Society Roundup 44
Substack, authoritarians, depopulation, stoic collectivism, Milei, AI George Carlin, effective altruist parenting, flower sex, and more.
January 13, 2024

Colorado Rep. Bottoms Rejects Science of Evolution
January 12, 2024
tag-science, tag-colorado

Colorado News Miner 101
Billionaire subsidies, Georgist taxes, housing, gun violence, funeral home horror, ticket scalping, the Jesus party, and more.
January 12, 2024

Colorado News Miner 100
January 6, Congressional chaos, education, legislative regulations, and more.
January 9, 2024

Trump and the Ballot
January 6, 2024
tag-trump, tag-colorado

Sound of Freedom and Other Films
January 6, 2024

Polis Grants Clemency
January 3, 2024
tag-criminal-justice, tag-colorado


Colorado News Miner 99
Trump on the ballot, book bans, carpetbaggers, unions and employment, crime, and more.
December 30, 2023
tag-trump, tag-free-speech, tag-colorado

Self in Society Roundup 43
Trump and the ballot, Trumpist fascism, RSS, growth, gun magazines, free speech and Satan, anti-Semitism, and more.
December 22, 2023
tag-trump, tag-roundup

Substack Responds (Badly) to Its Nazi Problem
December 21, 2023
tag-publishing, tag-free-speech

Substacking Nazis
December 19, 2023
tag-publishing, tag-free-speech

Self in Society Roundup 42
Hanukkah, AI revolution, antitrust, cash charity, test scores, homeschooling, global violence, abortion, and more.
December 13, 2023

Colorado News Miner 98
An effort to criminalize 'bad' books, income taxes, Silverton in tension, auto theft, wage controls, abortion, police abuses, the McClain trial, and more.
December 12, 2023
tag-colorado-pickaxe, tag-miner

Salmieri on Reproduction and the Objectivist Ethics
December 11, 2023

It Can Happen Here: Self in Society Roundup 41
Kagan on U.S. dictatorship, the anti-immigrant right, Holocaust denial, the ACLU-NRA alliance, idealism and work, parasites, Mars, and more.
December 10, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-trump

Colorado News Miner 97
County clerks slam election conspiracy mongering, Trump as 'officer,' the anti-Israel left, challenges to Epps, hate crimes, and political businesses.
December 9, 2023
tag-colorado-pickaxe, tag-miner

Reading Bettina Love on School Reform
December 8, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 40
Great economists, police reporting, sympathy for victims, higher ed, evangelical Trumpism, global development, darts, and more.
December 7, 2023

Colorado News Miner 96
Republican conspiracy mongering, Republican threats to election security, the call to censure Epps, Caldara on election reform, Somin on Trump's disqualification, and more.
December 6, 2023
tag-colorado-pickaxe, tag-miner

Colorado News Miner 95
Property taxes, 'excited delirium,' transgender politics, calls to censure Epps, modern gothic, and more.
December 5, 2023
tag-colorado-pickaxe, tag-miner

Self in Society Roundup 39
John Gray on religion and progress, tears for Argentina, The Bear, Christian love, Eve, "racial liberalism," Buddhism, libertarianism, and more.
December 3, 2023

Williams Raises the Specter of Political Violence
December 2, 2023

No Need to Delay Important Election Reforms
December 1, 2023
tag-elections, tag-colorado

Evangelical Trumpism: Self in Society Roundup 38
Trumpism, the promise of liberalism, book bans, Hamas, Exodus, Rand and the New Atheists, hair shaming, healthy foods, BAP, and more.
November 26, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-trump

Sunstein on Liberalism
November 24, 2023

Sandefur on Lindsay on Identity Politics
November 22, 2023

Religion as Therapy
November 20, 2023

Practical Ideas for Budding Atheists
November 19, 2023

Why Bertrand Russell Was Not a Christian
November 15, 2023

Cowen on Hirsi Ali's Religious Conversion
November 14, 2023

Roundup on Hirsi Ali's Religious Conversion
November 13, 2023

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Finds Jesus
November 12, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 37
Mounk and identity politics, Deneen and authoritarian populism, the West Bank, Caplan's Rufo alliance, and more.
November 12, 2023

Liberalism Left and Right
November 10, 2023

Abortion and Paternalism
November 9, 2023

Evanson Promotes Creationism, Abstinence Education, and Anti-Trans Agenda in Schools
November 9, 2023
tag-religion, tag-transgender, tag-education, tag-colorado

Refuting Evanson's Anti-Evolution Nonsense
November 4, 2023
tag-religion, tag-science, tag-education, tag-colorado

School Board Candidate Promotes Creationism in Science Class
November 3, 2023
tag-religion, tag-science, tag-education, tag-colorado

Self in Society Roundup 36
Leftists excuse atrocities, Integralism, 'Birchers in heels,' Daniel Dennett, crime stats, Montessori, masks, and more.
November 2, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 35
The religious-authoritarian right, the anti-capitalist and anti-Semitic left, Montessori education, Mars projects for students, and more.
October 28, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 34
Arguments for God, Rand's atheism, Lot's daughters, dumbing down education, homeschool motives, cancel culture, liberal meaning, and more.
October 24, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-religion

Self in Society Roundup 33
Blue Sky, Trump, Tokyo, optimism, homosexuality, market concentration, teen suicides, fertilizer shortages, and K–8 math.
October 20, 2023

Reading Philippa Foot's Natural Goodness
October 11, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 32
Airline protectionism, citizen journalism, AI written books, the identity trap, Orville, For All Mankind, and more.
October 1, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 31
Contrarians and math, movies, public school, abortion, fertility, Black families, Roman infanticide, and more.
September 17, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 30
Zubrin on Mars, trans issues, conservatism, immigrants, schools, men, James Brown, and more.
September 7, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 29
Lookism, alcohol, absent from school, women in chess, AI books, and more.
September 2, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 28
Schools, math, transgender suicides, FDA controls, protectionism, placebos, Little Richard, and more.
August 13, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-education

Self in Society Roundup 27
Hanania, agency, changing minds, zoning, accidental geoengineering, Roy Orbison, and more.
August 7, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-racism

Self in Society Roundup 26
Dawkins as trans-exclusionary, Air, business movies, Hanania, work from home, punishment, immigration, liberal virtues, and more.
August 5, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-transgender, tag-art

Richard Dawkins's Strange Betrayal of Evolutionary Psychology
August 3, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 25
July 31, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-objectivism

Self in Society Roundup 24
July 26, 2023

Cowen on Alcohol Consumption
July 26, 2023

Judging Decriminalization
July 25, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 23
Envy, Christopher Hitchens, Ritchie Valens, postmodernism, industrial policy, socialism, and more.
July 21, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 22
Rufo, equality, systemic racism, Trump, overhead, pessimism, standardized tests, and more.
July 19, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 21
Nature policing, Peter Singer and utilitarianism, dishonesty, parenting, Threads, transgender issues, Bronze Age posers, and more.
July 17, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 20
Liberalism, property rights, schools, nihilism, abortion, Sparks, and more.
July 13, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 19
Affirmative action, libertarian watch, immigration, math, transgender care, the drug war, and more.
July 11, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 18
Threads, guns, vetoes, Feynman, EA, Deneen, G. Smith vs. D. Friedman.
July 7, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 17
RFK, LGBTQ poll, tribalism, hierarchies of agriculture, education, 1619, lexical priority, Milan restaurants, Chomsky, 12 Monkeys, and more.
June 19, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 16
Welfare, NIMBYs, perverse incentives, regulatory abuse, CRT, death, and more.
May 31, 2023

YouTube Wrongly Removes Video of Goldberg Interview
May 30, 2023
tag-podcast, tag-social-media

Sustainable Progress
May 26, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 15
Libertarianism, Breakfast Club, Dead Poets, online dating, fish evolution, schools, objectivity, faith-motivated murders, and more.
May 13, 2023

Three Films: Jesus Revolution, Living, and A Man Called Otto
May 9, 2023

Rand's We the Living Film Restored
May 3, 2023
tag-art, tag-rand

Self in Society Roundup 14
Rowling and the TERFs, transgender care for minors, Epicureanism, Zwolinski's bleeding heart, and more.
April 21, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-transgender

Self in Society Roundup 13
Libertarianism debated, The Individualists reviewed, Twitter vs. Notes, child labor, and more.
April 14, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-transgender

Twitter Trouble
April 8, 2023

In The Individualists, Zwolinski and Tomasi Explore the Roots of Libertarianism
April 4, 2023

She Said and the Limits of Contract
April 3, 2023
tag-art, tag-law

Matt Zwolinski on Libertarianism
Self in Society Podcast #30
March 28, 2023

Pinball as Metaphor for Life
March 23, 2023

Self in Society Roundup 12
Eliminationist rhetoric, learning from enemies, Brittany's Marathon, Avatar whales, and more.
March 6, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-transgender

Avatar: The Way of Gorgeous Nonsense
January 5, 2023
tag-art, tag-environmentalism

Self in Society Roundup 11
Objectivity, French on free speech online, Rand on capitalism, and more.
January 2, 2023
tag-roundup, tag-objectivity


Rand Versus Dugin in the Battle for Liberty
December 16, 2022
tag-rand, tag-fascism

Self in Society Roundup 10
Notes on birth month, Avatar, Mike Rowe, the Constitution, the distant future, and more.
October 1, 2022

Self in Society Roundup 9
Notes on the Iranian protests, progress, Marx for cats, and more.
September 26, 2022

Self in Society Roundup 8
College loan cancellation, Covid damage, minimum wages, and more.
August 25, 2022

Starting Your Homeschooling Journey
August 13, 2022
tag-education, tag-indyschooler

Resources for Indy Schoolers
August 13, 2022
tag-education, tag-indyschooler

Reasonable Independence For Children: Colorado Bill
August 13, 2022
tag-education, tag-indyschooler

Thailand Cave Rescue: Two Amazing Films
August 7, 2022

Ayn Rand's Evolving Views on Late-Term Abortion
July 2, 2022

Self in Society Roundup 7
FDA, university diversity, abortion, Rand on abortion, and more.
June 30, 2022

Self in Society Roundup 6
Transmissions, manufactured homes, suicide, vaccines, abortion, and more.
June 18, 2022

Dave Kopel on Guns and Tyranny
Self in Society Podcast #28
June 15, 2022

Toward Reasonable Stubbornness
June 10, 2022

Gun Policy after Uvalde
June 6, 2022

A Swiss Cheese Approach to Curbing Gun Violence
May 26, 2022

Sheriff Bill Masters on Peace Keeping and the Drug War
Self in Society Podcast #27
May 25, 2022

Abortion and Individuation
May 24, 2022

Self in Society Roundup 5
Internet data, George H. Smith, the economics of slavery, baby formula, and more.
May 20, 2022

On the Right to Get an Abortion
May 15, 2022

Self in Society Roundup 4
Schools and the culture wars, healthy hunter gatherers, Putin's God, central planning in Sri Lanka, politicized libraries, a libertarian in Ukraine, renewable energy, and more.
May 4, 2022
tag-roundup, tag-transgender

Robert Tracinski on Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged
Self in Society Podcast #26
May 2, 2022

Anatomy of a Smear Job
I'm canceling my Washington Post subscription because of its hit piece on Alex Epstein.
April 19, 2022

Notes on the 'Groomer' Panic and Transgender Issues
April 15, 2022

Self in Society Roundup 3
Atrocities in Ukraine, the "groomer" moral panic, vultures and regulations in India, Bryan Caplan's ideas, and more.
April 7, 2022

Self in Society Roundup 2
Republican fascism, Rauch on transgenderism, the Florida 'gay' bill, evil, and Iron Man.
April 2, 2022

Self in Society Roundup 1
Ukraine, Will Smith's slap, Covid policy, transgender issues, and conspiracies.
March 28, 2022

Introducing Self in Society
March 26, 2022
tag-politics, tag-publishing

A Rights-Respecting Approach to Fentanyl Abuse
March 1, 2022
tag-colorado-free, tag-drug-war

Ian Silverii on Progressive Aims and Tactics
Self in Society Podcast #29
January 21, 2023

IndySchooler Notes
January 1, 2022
tag-education, tag-indyschooler


Colorado Trucker Crash Case: News Roundup
December 23, 2021

Colorado's Crime Problem: News Roundup
December 23, 2021

Lisa Thomas-Smith on Moral Habits
Self in Society Podcast #25
December 17, 2021

Liberty 'Gator Posts
June 5, 2020, to June 3, 2021
Topics covered include the Covid pandemic, the George Floyd protests, the Klan in Colorado, and Colorado's early Black legislator Joseph H. Stuart.
tag-gator, tag-colorado, tag-pandemic, tag-police, tag-racism

Engaging the Welfare State
April 28, 2021
tag-contours, tag-welfare

Michael Huemer on Rationality and Objectivity
Self in Society Podcast #24
April 18, 2021

Steve Spangler on Engaging Science
Self in Society Podcast #23
April 14, 2021

Jason Stotts on Erotic Love
Self in Society Podcast #
February 13, 2021

Lauren Boebert's Betrayal of 1776
January 13, 2021
tag-colorado-free, tag-trump


Better Alternatives to a Mask Mandate
December 6, 2020
tag-contours, tag-pandemic

Christina Sandefur on the Defense of Property Rights
Self in Society Podcast #21
November 14, 2020

Why Interest Matters
October 11, 2020
tag-education, tag-indyschooler

America's Faux Debate about Democracy
October 9, 2020
tag-contours, tag-democracy

Robert Alan Goldberg on American Conspiracy Theories
Self in Society Podcast #20
October 7, 2020

The Limits of Contract
September 24, 2020

Fostering Kids' Autonomy Works
September 17, 2020
tag-education, tag-indyschooler

The Self-Blindness of The Social Dilemma
September 12, 2020
tag-contours, tag-social-media

Timothy Sandefur on Frederick Douglass
Self in Society Podcast #19
September 8, 2020

Our Country's Violence Problem
August 30, 2020

Why Am I Doing This?
August 29, 2020

Exploring the Contours of Liberty
August 26, 2020

Michael Donnelly on Homeschooling and the Law
Self in Society Podcast #18
August 14, 2020

Robert Alan Goldberg on the Klan in Colorado
Self in Society Podcast #17
July 29, 2020

Mark Silverstein on Your Rights when Interacting with Police
Self in Society Podcast #16
July 16, 2020

Objectivity in Media
June 27, 2020
tag-media, tag-objectivity, tag-gator

Robin Hanson on Variolation as a Response to COVID-19
Self in Society Podcast #15
April 24, 2020

Kevin Currie-Knight on Crisis Schooling Versus Homeschooling
Self in Society Podcast #14
March 31, 2020

Bryan Alvarez on the COVID-19 Crisis
Self in Society Podcast #13
March 28, 2020

Steven Horwitz on Hayek and the Family
Self in Society Podcast #12
February 26, 2020

Pamela Clare on Romance Fiction
Self in Society Podcast #11
January 21, 2020


Melvin Konner on Religious Belief
Self in Society Podcast #10
November 14, 2019

Kevin Currie-Knight on Self-Directed Education
Self in Society Podcast #9
October 29, 2019

Jason Crawford on the Roots of Progress
Self in Society Podcast #8
September 17, 2019

John Coffey on Religious Toleration
Self in Society Podcast #7
September 12, 2019

Lawrence Goldstone on the Death and Legacy of Michael Servetus
Self in Society Podcast #6
August 14, 2019

Timothy Sandefur on the Ascent of Jacob Bronowski
Self in Society Podcast #5
July 31, 2019

James Valliant on Rome and Christianity
Self in Society Podcast #4
July 11, 2019
tag-podcast, tag-religion

Michael Huemer on Animal Welfare
Self in Society Podcast #3
June 27, 2019

Robert Anthony Peters on Tank Man, Hollywood, Liberty, and Stoicism
Self in Society Podcast #2
June 19, 2019

Robert Zubrin on the Case for Space
Self in Society Podcast #1
June 4, 2019
tag-space, tag-podcast

Where is Justin Amash's Plan for Recreating American Politics?
July 4, 2019

Reasons to Be Skeptical of Colorado's Red-Flag Bill
February 26, 2019
tag-colorado-free, tag-gun

The Bias against Ascent Classical Academy
February 6, 2019
tag-colorado-free, tag-education

How to Make Colorado's Choice for President Not Count
January 25, 2019


Will Libertarians Hand the Colorado Senate to the Democrats?
October 29, 2018

Why the Discrimination of Y and Z Matters
October 14, 2018

Overbroad Amendment 74 Could Bring Litigation Catastrophe to Colorado
October 14, 2018

Reflections on the Discriminatory Ballot Measures Y and Z
September 24, 2018

Colorado Journalist Unlawfully Detained by Denver Police Engages Top Law Firm
August 29, 2018
tag-colorado-free, tag-journalism

Colorado Governor Candidate Survey
August 14, 2018

Add More States to Make the U.S. More Democratic
July 16, 2018

Are Police above the Law?
July 11, 2018
tag-colorado-free, tag-journalism

How Interstate Sales Taxes Violate Core Principles of Legal Justice
June 21, 2018

Joe Salazar and Mike Coffman Spar over Migrant Family Separations
June 21, 2018

Where Colorado's Congressional Delegation Stands on the Separation of Migrant Families
June 18, 2018

Reflections on Colorado's Primary Elections
June 17, 2018

Colorado's Primary Fiasco
June 16, 2018

Return of the Colorado Freedom Report
June 16, 2018


The 1998 Separation of School and State Alliance Conference
November or December, 1998